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Welcome to JJEM: A Multi-Disicplinary Journal of JNNCE, Shimoga.

JJEM Eleventh Issue - Volume 6 Number 1 -2022

JJEM: Volume 2 Issue 1

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1. A New Cipher Process With Double Encryption

Addepalli Hari Narayana,  Addepalli V. N. Krishna

2. Analytical Study On Micro, Small And Medium Enterprises

C. R. Reddy

3. Mathematical Computational Of Geo-Exchanger System For Buildings Heating And Cooling

Abdeen Mustafa Omer

4. MHD Flow And Radiative Heat Transfer Of Micro-polar Dusty Fluid Suspended With Alumina Nano-particles Over A Stretching Sheet Embedded In A Porous Medium

Krishnamurthy M. R.

5. Emerging Economies And Global Stability: Irony In Current Predicament Of The Global Order

Neha Lakhotia,   Yamini Karmarkar,  Varun Sarda

6. A Study Of Indian Software And Networking Companies Using Extended Dupont Model

T. Manjunatha,  Praveen Gujjar J.

7. Women Empowerment - A Pragmatic Evidence Of Exploring Embryonic Aspects

Sumitha P.V.,  M. G. Krishnamurthy

8. Consumer Behaviour Towards Marketing Mix In Organized Retail: A Study With Reference To Supermarkets In Mangalore

Madhukar S.M.,   M. G. Krishnamurthy

9. A Study On Inventory Management Practices In SME’s – A Case Study With Respect To SME’s Of Shimoga District, Karnataka, India

Ashwini H. A.,  M. G. Krishnamurthy

10. Performance Analysis Of OFDM System Using Different Types Of Modulation Techniques Under Different Fading Channels And Reducing PAPR Of An OFDM System By Clipping Method

Shilpa H. R.,  M. D. Sunil