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JJEM Sixth Issue - Volume 3 Number 2 -2019

Volume 2, Issue 1

A New Cipher Process With Double Encryption

Published:    2018-06-30


Addepalli Hari Narayana,  Addepalli V. N. Krishna


This paper deals with cryptographic study which involves differentiation and integration process for converting the plain text into a larger number (Cipher Text) with the help of keys. Three Keys are being used for encryption process. A primary Key is used which is to be shared among the sender and receiver which is a onetime process. A random sequence is used as a session key which is to be modified as per encryption of plain text. This Modified session key is encrypted with primary key to be sent to receiver. A secondary key is also to be shared between sender and receiver which help in identifying the number of differentiations and Integrations in the encryption and decryption process. Thus the work generates two cipher texts, one getting converted from plain text and the other by encrypting session key with primary key.


Double Encryption, Differentiation, Integration, Session Key, Secondary Key.