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JJEM Sixth Issue - Volume 3 Number 2 -2019

Volume 2, Issue 1

MHD Flow And Radiative Heat Transfer Of Micropolar Dusty Fluid Suspended With Alumina Nanoparticles Over A Stretching Sheet Embedded In A Porous Medium

Published:    2018-06-30


Krishnamurthy M. R.


This article aims to study the boundary layer flow and heat transfer of an incompressible AL2O3 water nanoparticle on Micropolar fluid with homogeneously suspended dust particles in the presence of thermal radiation. The flow is generated due to linear stretching surface in the presence of uniform magnetic field. The similarity transformations are used to reduce the governing partial differential equations into a set of nonlinear ordinary differential equations. Numerical solutions are obtained for these equations using efficient numerical technique Runge-Kutta- Fehlberg fourth-fifth order method with the help of symbolic algebra software MAPLE. Numerical values of velocity and heat transfer co-efficient are plotted in the form of graphs for different flow controlling parameters. The comparison of the present results with the existing numerical solutions in a liming sense is also shown and this comparison is very good.


Boundary layer flow, heat transfer, dust particles, nanoparticles, micropolar fluid, thermal radiation.