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JJEM Sixth Issue - Volume 3 Number 2 -2019

Volume 2, Issue 1

Emerging Economies And Global Stability: Irony In Current Predicament Of The Global Order

Published:    2018-06-30


Neha Lakhotia,  Yamini Karmarkar,  Varun Sarda


The developments and the pace of earnings for the US have remained unparallel for many years. With respect to the Emerging Economies too the global environment continues to be growth supportive with a modest rise in the growth rate over last few years. Though the World is going through a wonderful and unparallel level of prosperity and connectivity yet these developments have to be taken in with complexity and risks. The US backed global order is questioned due to its vulnerability to collapse. The New World Order will state the unification of emerging economies as they are big powerhouses of resources. The global architecture of these economies thus will have to be restated in such a manner that underrepresentation of emerging economies is not done.


Emerging Economies, Global Order, New Financial Order.