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JJEM Thirteenth Issue - Volume 7 Number 1 -2022

Volume 7, Issue 1

A Review of Laser Parameters Affecting Laser-Induced Graphene (LIG) Formation

Published:    2023-08-10


M.Krishnamurthy, D.E.Umesh


This review investigates the influence of laser parameters on the fabrication of laser-induced graphene (LIG). Laser power, wavelength, pulse duration, scanning speed, and repetition rate are examined for their impact on LIG quality, yield, and characteristics. The optimization of these parameters is crucial for achieving high-quality LIG. Recommended ranges for the parameters include: laser power (0.5-5 W), wavelength (355-1064 nm), pulse duration (100 fs-10 ns), scanning speed (5-100 mm/s), and repetition rate (1-500 Hz). However, optimal values may vary depending on the specific substrate, laser system, and desired properties of LIG. Understanding and adjusting these parameters effectively are vital for successful LIG synthesis


:Laser-induced graphene, Laser parameters, and LIG quality