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JJEM Thirteenth Issue - Volume 7 Number 1 -2022

Volume 7, Issue 1

Design and Analysis of Bearing Arrangement for an Integrated Motor Milling Spindle

Published:    2023-08-10


Umesh B S1, Shankaramurthy A G, Sanjay G.R


The necessity to increase productivity and to lower the cost of production, high speed machining tools has been widely utilized in the modern production facilities. High speed cutting is becoming more widely used and is possible by using a high speed integrated motor spindle, High speed integrated motor spindles are developed with a motor, integrated within the spindle housing, which eliminates the external power transmission components such as gears and belts. High speed motorized spindle systems are subjected to several effects during high-speed rotations that can cause substantial changes in their dynamic and thermal behaviours, leading to chatter, bearing seizure or premature spindle bearing failures, which affects the overall performance of the high-speed cutting. This paper discusses about modelling of a high speed integrated motor milling spindle and to optimize the factors influencing the stiffness of the high speed milling spindle running at 14000 rpm with power rating 15 kW by designing three bearing arrangement.


:Integrated Motor spindle, Bearing Span, Deflection, Stiffness