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JJEM Twelfth Issue - Volume 6 Number 2 -2022

Volume 6, Issue 2

Spot Welding using Induction Heating

Published:    2023-01-31


Rimpal Jain,  Ramesha C.M.


Spot welding is a widely popular welding technique with immense applications in the automotive industry. Currently, spot welding is carried out using resistance welding. In the present study, a new approach proposes the use of induction heating to achieve strong and quick spot welds in aluminum specimens due to its excessive use in the automotive industry and body in white to improve fuel economy and vehicle performance. The procedure is accomplished through the heat and hit methodology in the form of a portable stapling device. Varying loads and current settings determine the strength of the weld. This paper also shows the critical assessment of thermal losses and the new developments in heat insulation of mild steel pallets which are used to stamp the aluminum sheets in order to carry out the spot welding.


Induction Heating; Spot Welding; Aluminum Sheets; Hot Stamping