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JJEM Twelfth Issue - Volume 6 Number 2 -2022

Volume 6, Issue 2

Automatic License Plate Recognition Using Image Processing

Published:    2023-01-31


Anil Kumar J.,  Nikitha K.,  Shwetha Kulal


In recent times, the quantity of vehicles on road has exponentially up because of that hold up and violations square measure a menace on roads. Automatic registration number plate Recognition system may be accustomed change the method of traffic management thereby easing out the flow of traffic and strengthening the access management systems. This automatic range plate recognition system uses image process technology for identification of the vehicles. this method may be employed in extremely inhabited areas and extremely restricted areas to simply establish traffic rule profaned vehicles and owner’s name, address and alternative data may be retrieved victimization this method. this method may be machine controlled and it's accustomed acknowledge vehicles while not authorization, vehicles that profaned rules at inhabited areas like malls, universities, hospitals and alternative automotive parking heaps. this may even be employed in the case of automotive usage in terrorist activities, smuggling, invalid range plates, purloined cars and alternative outlawed activities. It can even be employed in main road electronic toll assortment. Image of the automotive range plate is captured and detection is completed by image process, character segmentation that find the alpha numeric characters on variety plate. we tend to meant to develop a system in MATLAB which may perform detection still as recognition of a automotive range plate.


Automatic registration number plate Recognition; Optical Character Recognition; Artificial Neural Network; Image process