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JJEM Eleventh Issue - Volume 6 Number 1 -2022

Volume 6, Issue 1

Securing the Information Contents in Images based on Cellular Automata and Genetic Operations – a Parallel Approach

Published:    2022-07-31


Jalesh Kumar,  Chakrapani D S


In this paper, a parallel encryption approach is proposed based on cellular automata and genetic operations to secure image at different levels. The proposed method comprises of three stages. In the first stage, rules of cellular automata are selected based on pseudo random number generator to generate the key sequence. Among the key sequence generated crossover operation is applied in the second stage. The input image is decomposed into different blocks of uniform size which are processed in parallel. Encryption process is carried out by varying the position for crossover operation of genetic algorithm. The performance analyses of the proposed methods are measured in terms of Structural Similarity Index, entropy and Peak Signal to Noise Ratio. The analysis carried out reveals that the proposed methods work efficiently to secure the multimedia information.


Digital image; Security; Crossover; Cellular automata