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JJEM Tenth Issue - Volume 5 Number 2 -2021

Volume 5, Issue 2

Error in Image Processing using Fourier Transform and Fast Fourier Transform

Published:    2022-01-31


Reena Hooda,  Himanshu ,  Vikas Poply


This manuscript aims to find out the error in the operations of Fourier Transform (FT) and Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) in digital image processing. We apply FT to transform the time-domain signal to the frequency domain signal. FT is a basic technique in the field of Mathematical and Engineering works. We use Fourier analysis in digital image processing. The Fourier analysis represents a lot of things such as filters, transformation, representation, encoding, data processing, and valid more fields. The FFT development in recent times is very important for the case of image processing. FFT is very exquisite and ubiquitous work in Enfield of digital image processing. In this paper, we study FT and FFT to demonstrate how it solves relative technology problems in the field of security of images. Also, we analyzed the error when changing the fraction order inside FFT, what changes in the mean square error, and on which fraction order our mean square error is obtained the least.


Digital Image; Mean Square Error; Fourier Transform; Fast Fourier Transform