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JJEM Tenth Issue - Volume 5 Number 2 -2021

Volume 5, Issue 2

IOT Based Smart Poultry Farmings

Published:    2022-01-31


Ananya M. D.,  Sudeep Manohar


Nowadays, automation plays a very important role in everyday life. IoT based poultry farming is useful in situations where remote monitoring and maintenance is needed and this in turn modifies the conventional farm into a modern farm with various automated features. Various factors that affect the health of chicken are monitored at regularly to improve health and growth of chicken. This paper provides an insight on how to setup an IoT based Smart Poultry Farming System using IoT components. The system uses Arduino Nano for interfacing with different sensors to sense the values of specific parameters and ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module to upload the data to the cloud. Various environmental factors are sensed in the poultry management system, which includes temperature, ammonia content in the air and light intensity. The system not just monitors these parameters, but also regulates these them effectively with the help of various automated techniques. The proposed work is useful to farmers who follow conventional farming methods as they could easily access and control the poultry farm remotely using their mobile phones thereby reducing the manual monitoring and increasing the yield of the poultry farm.


Arduino Nano; ESP8266; Sensors; ThingSpeak; IFTTT