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JJEM Eight Issue - Volume 4 Number 2 -2020

Volume 4, Issue 2

An Efficient Hybrid Multicast Protocol for Manet

Published:    2021-03-30


Kantharaj S P ,  Samarth K


Routing protocols for MANET have to face the challenge of frequently changing topologies. Conventional proactive and reactive type routing protocols are less efficient under these circumstances. Hybrid protocol named Zone Routing Protocol clubs the advantages of the former protocols by maintaining an up to date topological map. Several virtual architectures are being used for better robust and scalable membership management without maintenance of state information. A Robust and Scalable Geographic Multicast protocol is proposed in this paper forwards the control messages and data packets without explicitly creating and maintain a tree structure. A predefined and properly organized source tracking mechanism is designed to exclude flooding of the MANET source information. Virtual networks are deployed and analyzed for different number of nodes. Our simulation results and comparison shows that proposed protocol offers higher, throughput, lesser drop and lower control over head with even with varying network sizes, moving speeds and node densities.


Manet; Multicast Protocol; Hybrid Routing; Zone structure