JJEM Sixth Issue - Volume 3 Number 2 -2019

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Volume 3, Issue 2

Automatic Shopping Cart using IOT

Published:    2019-12-30


Geetha M,   Priyanka D


The modern technology has increased the standard of living for the humans. There has been an emerging demand for quick and easy payment of bills in supermarkets. Every one of us craves for a quality in everything we use in our daily lives. This project describes how to build an automated and time saving system for the world of retail which will make shopping experience impetuous, customer friendly and secure. So, this has resulted in large crowds at shopping malls which have led to long lines at the billing counter because the cashier has to scan every product item and then enter it in to the billing record. The prevailing billing system is a bit time consuming. So, we thought of inventing a remedial electronic product to catch- up with this problem. We call it Automated Shopping Cart Using IoT this is based on Raspberry Pi fitted with LCD and Q R scanner and a wireless technology called Bluetooth. The LCD used is a 16x2 and Bluetooth modules make the wireless network to work easily between a certain ranges. An innovative product with social acceptance is the one that aids the comfort, convenience and efficiency in everyday life. The brief description of its operation is, when you pick a product and drop it into the trolley, the QR scanner scans The product’s unique code and its price. And it gets displayed on the LCD screen, so after costumer has finished with the shopping, he/ she has to visit the counter and pay the bill as displayed on the LCD screen fitted on the trolley. This will save the time that was earlier being consumed to scan each item.


IPRs; S&T; Economic development; Business Activities; Asian economies; India; Developing economies.