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JJEM Twelfth Issue - Volume 6 Number 2 -2022

Volume 6, Issue 2

Effect of Silica on Sliding Wear Behavior of Silica reinforced Aluminium Alloy based Composites

Published:    2023-01-31


Mallikarjuna G. B.,  E. Basavaraj


This paper gave an insight on the effect of Silica (SiO2) reinforcement particles on wear characteristics of Al LM13 alloy matrix based composites, Different combinations of composites reinforced with SiO2 of different size (106μm,150μm, 250μm & 355μm) and weight content (3, 6, 9 and 12%) were fabricated using stir casting route. Microstructural Characterization of fabricated composites indicates uniform distribution of SiO2 particles in matrix material. Wear studies are conducted on ASTM standard Al LM13 alloy based composite specimens reinforced of different size and weight content of SiO2. Effect of wear parameters (sliding speed, Load and sliding distance) on wear characteristics of Al LM13 alloy-SiO2 composites have been investigated. Results indicated that wear resistance of fabricated composites are significantly improved with the addition of SiO2 particles as compared to Al LM13 alloy matrix.


SiO2 Particles, Al LM13alloy, Stir Casting, Wear