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JJEM Eleventh Issue - Volume 6 Number 1 -2022

Volume 6, Issue 1

LightWeight Public Key Cryptography Based on Cyclic Group of 6x Mod 11 and its Application to Image Encryption

Published:    2022-07-31


Deeksha,  Manisha Shalini Mascarenhas ,  Raghavendra A


One of the popular fields for research work is the Internet of Things(IoT). The security of this is one of the most challenging one. Almost all IoT devices are having very few memories and processing powers. Powers for these are to be consumed in an efficient way. The existing security algorithm needs more processing powers and memories, Hence Lightweight cryptography is one of the emerging areas in Iot’s. In this paper it is suggested a novel method of using lightweight public key cryptography by using an equation 6x mod 11. This is used in this work for the encryption of an image standard image Lena. This image is step down to mod 11 and encrypted for the convenient purpose. The performance of the encryption is measured by evaluating the values of standard deviation, entropy, histogram and visual process


Group, Cyclic Group, Generator