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JJEM Eleventh Issue - Volume 6 Number 1 -2022

Volume 6, Issue 1

Survey on Robust Block-Chain Assisted Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) Infrastructure for Healthcare Sector

Published:    2022-07-31


Chandini A.G,  P.I Basarkod


Security is the prime concern and also is a requirement for the increasing usage of the internet or public cloud for storing the data. To ensure advanced security and privacy preserving task, an opportunistic computing framework has been proposed, called Block-Chain technology. The technology of blockchain application is undergoing a conceptual evolution in the healthcare industry. Patients need to focus on the details of their own healthcare and restore management of their own medical information to preserve privacy. The rapid advancement of blockchain technology in healthcare sector promotes population healthcare, including patient-related data as well as medical records. The Blockchain technology provides patients with comprehensive, immutable records of data, and access to EHRs (Electronic Health Records) free from treatment website and service providers. The aim is to provide privacy thereby security, scalability, and interoperability in a distributed decentralised network, here privacy must be achieved in between the multiparty patients(nodes) to provide apt healthcare services in hospitals where health records are maintained in EHR/PHR (Electronic /Patient Health Records) using Block chain technology assisted with Internet of Medical Things (IoMT).


Electronic Health Record/Patient Health Record (EHR/PHR); Block-Chain technology; Internet of Medical Things (IoMT).