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JJEM Eleventh Issue - Volume 6 Number 1 -2022

Volume 6, Issue 1

Green Accounting for a Sustainable Economy: A Case Study of Marico Ltd

Published:    2022-07-31


Srivaideshwari S,  Sai Sushmitha V


In an organization accounting plays vital role in determining company’s financial performance. The accounting prepared by the companies is not only used by internal users like management to make potential decision of the company, but also used by the external stake holder to known the financial position and creditworthiness of the company to make investment decision. The term “Green Accounting” refers to environmental and Natural resource Accounting. Green accounting and reporting means in addition to traditional reporting, companies are disclosing the data or factors relating to resource management and environmental impact as well as a company’s revenue and expenditure. This will assist the firm in identifying resource usage and costs and also it will assist the investor to take wise investment decision. Green accounting and reporting are still in their infancy in India. This paper attempts to enlighten the importance of Green accounting practice in India and also analysis the Annual Report of Marico Ltd. Further, it exhibits how Marico Ltd effectively discloses Green accounting in their Annual Report.


Green Accounting Practices; Annual Report; Disclosure; Marico Ltd.