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JJEM Tenth Issue - Volume 5 Number 2 -2021

Volume 5, Issue 2

Blue Brain- the future

Published:    2022-01-31


Prema N. S.,  Milana S. ,  Inchara,  Manasa S.,  Pooja K. C.


God's most significant and unique creation is the human brain. The fact that man is intellectual describes properly and places humans in a category distinct from and superior to other creatures. The world's first virtually produced brain is known as "Blue Brain." That is, a machine that can act in the place of a human brain. Scientists are working on a machine that can think, respond, make judgments, and remember everything. This concept's main goal is to map the human brain onto a cutting-edge machine. Man will be able to keep and utilize any individual's thinking and analytical ability indefinitely if this is accomplished. After the body has perished, the digitally generated brain will function as the thinking process. So, even after a person's death, we will have access to that person's knowledge, intelligence, sentiments, and memories, which can be used for the advancement of human society and a variety of other good deeds. Technology is advancing at a breakneck pace. IBM (also referred to as big Blues) is currently working on developing a virtual brain known as "Blue Brain." They include cognitive processes such as language, learning, perception, and memory, as well as brain abnormalities such as depression and autism. The Blue Brain project simulates the human brain by gathering data from its surroundings using specialized software, analyzing it using neuronal electrophysiology and morphology, and recreating it on computers. As a result, The Blue Brain project is a useful tool for studying the human brain, as well as for the advancement of the brain and society.


Blue Brain; Neuronal electrophysiology; Morphology