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JJEM Tenth Issue - Volume 5 Number 2 -2021

Volume 5, Issue 2

Darcy-Forchheimer Convective Flow of Casson nanofluid in the Microchannel: Buongiorno Model

Published:    2022-01-31


P. Venkatesh,  A. Felicita ,  B. J. Gireesha ,  B. Nagaraja


The current examination delves into the Casson nanofluid flow in the vertical microchannel. The model employed in this investigation is Buongiorno model which emphasizes the light on Brownian motion and thermophoresis effects occurring during the fluid flow. The microchannel walls are constructed in such a way so that they facilitate the suction and injection of the fluid simultaneously. Porous media is incorporated using Darcy-Forchheimer model. Involving these effects governing equations are modeled which is solved using Runge-Kutta Fehlberg 4th-5th order method. Entropy generation and Bejan number are also obtained for the concerned flow to record irreversibilities in the microchannel. The findings of this examination depict that rise in Casson parameter augments the flow velocity but causes depletion in Bejan number. On packing the microchannel with high porosity, the velocity magnifies. Both Brownian motion and thermophoresis parameter magnifies the temperature.


Casson fluid; Buongiorno model; Darcy Forchheimer model; convective boundary; microchannel