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JJEM Tenth Issue - Volume 5 Number 2 -2021

Volume 5, Issue 2

Institute Enquiry using Chatbot

Published:    2022-01-31


Nuzath Khanum,  Vedananda D. E.


Students almost always need to visit colleges or universities to obtain various data, such as information about the college, tuition costs, term schedules, and so on, during their confirmation interactions or for their daily needs. This process is arduous and time-consuming, and it also needs people to provide required data to visitors that come to the college. As a result, a chatbot can be constructed to solve the problem. The project is about user participation with the chatbot, which can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. With only a few fundamental language modifications, the chatbot may be easily/conveniently integrated with any college or university website. Chatbot provides various statistics associated with college or university, as well as additional student-related data. Any individual who has access to the college's website can use the chatbot. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are also used in the venture. The advancement of Chatbots is aided by Natural Language Processing. Users can also ask college-related questions, which are subsequently applied as a contribution to the calculation, which assesses the message and displays the users' comparing reaction.


Chatbot; NLTK; Artificial Intelligence; Natural Language Processing; Machine Learning; HTML; JSON