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JJEM Ninth Issue - Volume 5 Number 1 -2021

Volume 5, Issue 1

ZigBee Wireless Communication Technology

Published:    2021-09-30


Rashmi M Hullamani,  Kavya T N


ZigBee Technology is a wireless communication technology. Wireless Communication is not a new technology as we already have short range communication standards, like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. But ZigBee is specially built for control and Sensor networks. Other wireless technologies are not quite suitable for this specific application. ZigBee is a wireless technology standard that defines a set of communication protocols for short range communications. This paper gives an overview of the ZigBee Technology and it covers ZigBee working, applications and some of general characteristics of ZigBee standard.


ZigBee; IEEE 802.15.4; Home automation; Medical Data Collection