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JJEM Eight Issue - Volume 4 Number 2 -2020

Volume 4, Issue 2

Design and Analysis of Hybrid Solar Cell for e-Vehicle Charging

Published:    2021-03-30


Shankara Murthy A G,  Devi Prasad M. N,  Varun G Guddadar


This work aims to develop and analyze Hybrid Solar cell which is the combination of Dye -sensitized solar cell (DSSC) and photovoltaic (PV) cell. PV cells are more efficient during day time and generating good amount of electricity but less effective during low light conditions due to the weakness of being a minority carrier device. To overcome this DSSC are used which are capable of being effective during both high and low light conditions because electrons are easily ejected from dye compared to that of P-N junction. DSSC provides a technically and economically viable alternative energy to present P-N junction PV cells. In this work Natural Dyes are used because they are easily available and economically viable. Hybrid solar cell is developed using PTC CREO software virtually for visual representation. Performance analysis of Hybrid solar cells is obtained using MATLAB software at various conditions. Results of Hybrid solar cell are compared for the combination of different dyes. By this Hybrid solar cell generates power throughout the day, which many be used for charging e-vehicles.


DSSC; PV cell; Hybrid Solar cell; Natural Dyes; TiO2 plate