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JJEM Eight Issue - Volume 4 Number 2 -2020

Volume 4, Issue 2

Face Authentication System Embedded with PIC18F458 for Automated Teller Machines

Published:    2021-03-30


Rashmi M Hullamani,  Sushma S,  Choodarathnakara A L,  Karibasappa R


Face recognition system is one of the biometric information process. Its applicability is easier and working range is wider than other biometric systems like signature, fingerprint, iris, etc. This paper proposes, a face recognition based authentication scheme for automated teller machine banking systems. The designed detection method extract face features from input image. The output image of the face detection algorithm has to be similar with the input image recognized for successful authentication. The proposed PIC18F458 Microcontroller based face recognition biometric scheme is successfully fused with the automated teller machine banking system for personal authorization with increased social security.


Face Recognition; GSM Technology; ATM; LCD; UART