JJEM Seventh Issue - Volume 4 Number 1 -2020

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Volume 3, Issue 2

An Empirical Study on Supremacy of Behavioral Finance in Gold Exchange Trading Fund Portfolio Investment Pattern- In Chennai

Published:    2019-12-30


Keerthika. R,  Anli Suresh


Behavioral finance is an zone which influence the complex sector that is human psychology, the investment is one such arena where traditional theories deals with rational knowledge and other factors they do not actually diversify over emotions of investors, gold exchange trading fund is new form of gold investment in securities market. The study focus on analysis of psychological impact on shifting pattern of materialistic gold investment in to portfolio trends derived from gold exchange trading fund (gold ETF)and also acknowledge the psychological attention constrained to portfolio objectives. The study concludes that behavioral finance having a huge impact over gold ETF investment decision; the generation gap does not make any major reflect over investment trends.


Behavioral finance, Gold Exchange Trading Fund, Investment Decision, Portfolio Psychology..