JJEM Sixth Issue - Volume 3 Number 2 -2019

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Volume 3, Issue 2

A Novel Approach Towards Implementation Of Optical Character Recognition Using LSTM And Adaptive Classifier

Published:    2019-12-30


Ujwala B S,  Sumathi K


Numerous of studies have observed that science & technology (S&T) and intellectual property rights (IPRs) regime are useful and effective to maintain the economic and social development in different economies. However, earlier studies found positive and negative impact of S&T and IPRs on economic growth and development in variouscountries. China, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia are the greater competitors for Indian economy in IPRs and S&T. These economies have a greater share of manufacturing and industrial sector in their GDP due to their effective contribution in S&T and IPRs related activities. Hence, this study assesses the role of IPRs and S&T in socio-economic development in aforementioned economies based on existing studies. Furthermore, it provides the recent trend in economic, IPRs, S&T and business related indicators for India and selected Asian economies. Thereupon, it makes India’s comparison in IPRs and S&Tassociated indicators among the selected Asian economies. It examines the India’s position in economic, IPRs, S&T and entrepreneurship related indicators as compared to other economies. Finally, it come up with several policy proposal to increase the involvement of IPRs and S&T in socio-economic development in Asian economies. It recommended that research & development (R&D) expenditure is a crucial driver to attract the attention of researchers and scientists towards IPRs, subsequently it give incentive to existing researchers to increase their participation in R&D and S&T related activities. It suggested that S&T and IPRs activities create a path for innovation and discovery of new technologies for production of goods and services.


Optical character recognition.