JJEM Sixth Issue - Volume 3 Number 2 -2019

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Volume 3, Issue 2

Comparative Analysis of Key Management Methods for Online Data Sharing in Cloud

Published:    2019-12-30


Mohan Naik R,  S. V. Sathyanarayana


Data sharing in cloud computing facilitates various components to uninhibitedly distribute the group data information, that which improves the intensity of effort in supportive conditions and has transversely the originate into ensuing appliances. Conversely, an approach to make sure the precautions of data sharing inside and the best approach to with effectiveness share the re-corrected wisdom in an extremely grouping method square determine substantial difficulties. A key management policy is effectually employed for the purpose of generating a distinctive convention key for ample members to promise the security of their prospect communications, and this agreement can be allied in cloud computing for the purpose of assisting protected and skilled data distribution. At this point, an original square structure dependent key management that upkeeps diverse associates, which possibly will adjustable expand the quantity of associates and besides supported the organized group data sharing model, with the intention of diminishing the calculation multifaceted nature completely.


Key Management, cloud computing, group data sharing.